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Minnesota SSDI Work Requirements

Studies have found that a 20 year old worker has a 3 in 10 chance of becoming disabled before their retirement. This is a scary thing to consider. Although most workers do not worry about becoming disabled when they go to work every day, they do pay a certain amount of their income to Social Security Insurance. If you have become disabled and are unable to work, you may be eligible Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), a federal program that provides benefits to workers who have become disabled. You may also be eligible for SSI, a federal disability program for people who are disabled and also meet income and resources qualifications.

Living with any disability is hard enough without the added financial stress of not having an income. If you are living with a disability and believe that you may qualify for SSDI, or if your application has been denied, then contact our experienced Minnesota Social Security disability lawyers today by filling out the form on the side of this page or phoning one of our office numbers.

SSDI ‘Disability’ Defined

The Social Security has a very strict definition of ‘disability’. In order to be considered disabled you typically must have a medical conditions that:

  • Has lasted or is expected to last at least one year or will result in your death.
  • Prevents the disabled person from engaging in any substantial gainful activity.
  • Or has a medical condition that meets or equals a Listed Impairment.

SSDI Disability Medical Conditions.

In order to qualify for disability, you will need to have a severe condition. What this means is that your disability ‘significantly limits your ability to do basic work activities’. This includes things like walking, sitting or concentrating.

Minnesota SSDI Work Requirements

In order to qualify for SSDI you will need to demonstrate a disability and have enough work credit under Social Security law. This means you will need to have worked a certain period of time before your disability. For recent work test requirements, you will need the following:

  • If you become disabled when you are 24-years-old or before, then you need 1 ½ years of work in the three years before you became disabled.
  • If you become disabled between ages 25 and 30, then you need to have worked half the time between age 21 and your age at the time of your disability
  • If you become disabled at age 31 or older, then you need to have worked 5 out of the 10 years before you became disabled.

Furthermore, under the ‘duration of work’, you will need to have worked for a total of anywhere from 1 ½ years to 10 years depending on your age. For example, a 27 year old will need to have worked 1 ½ years in total, a 34 year old will need to have worked 3 years, a 42 year old will need to have worked for 5 years, a 50 year old will need to have worked for 7 years and a 60 year old or older will need to have worked for at least 9 1/2 years.

If you or your loved one is disabled, blind or aged then you know how hard it is to keep up with the incoming bills. If you do not have an income coming in, it can be harder than ever to not only take care of yourself and remain out of debt. If you are confused about your Social Security Disability benefits or are looking for more information about your legal rights, then contact Reitan Law Office, PLLC. Our Minnesota disability lawyers have been helping Minnesotans for more than 35 years and would be happy to discuss your disability benefits with you. There is no charge to meet with us and ask your questions.

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