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Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) Benefits

Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) is a program designed to provide an income to those that are disabled. If you are unable to work but have paid Social Security Insurance taxes long enough before becoming disabled, then you could qualify for the SSDI program. In order to qualify for SSDI you will need to meet certain earnings tests and have a disability that meets Social Security’s definition.

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Disability Earnings Test

One of the ways in which Social Security determines whether or not you are eligible for SSDI benefits is with an earnings test. One test is the ‘recent work test’ – Social Security typically requires that most applicants worked at least five out of the last ten years before they become disabled and are eligible for SSDI disability benefits.

SSDI Disability Benefits Types

If you qualify for SSDI benefits then you can expect both money benefits as well as medical benefits.

Money benefits – if you are approved for SSDI benefits then you will receive a payment each month that you are disabled. This acts as your income. The amount is directly related to the amount you have paid in your Social Security taxes while you were working.

Medical benefits – people who are approved for SSDI disability benefits will receive Medicare automatically after they have received SSDI disability benefits disability benefits for two years. Medicare is public health insurance that will pay for medical treatment.

Applying for SSDI Benefits

You have spent a large part of your life working and paying taxes into Social Security Insurance. If you or a loved one is facing a disability and is unable to work, then you have the legal right to this money. Although you don’t plan on becoming disabled when you invest into Social Security, you are entitled to have access to SSDI disability benefits after becoming disabled.

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If you or your loved one is disabled and unable to work then you know how hard it is to keep up with the incoming bills. If you do not have an income coming in, it can be harder than ever to not only take care of yourself and remain out of debt. If you are confused about your SS benefits or looking for more information about your legal rights, then contact Reitan Law Office, PLLC. Our Minnesota disability lawyers have been helping Minnesotans for more than 35 years and would be happy to discuss your SS disability benefits with you. We can assist with any medical claims, legal complications and SSI denials that you may be facing. There is no charge to meet with us and ask your questions.

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