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Bicycle Accidents

Cycling is an excellent way to stay in shape and help the environment at the same time. However, while cycling is not considered an extreme sport, it often can result in injury, even serious injuries. In many instances, a bicycle accident is caused by the negligence and reckless driving of a car, truck or other motor vehicle. If you have been seriously injured in a bicycle accident that is the fault of another party, then you deserve financial compensation and justice for your wrongdoing.

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Facing A Bicycle Accident Injury?

There are a number of dangers that come with riding your bike, especially on a busy street or highway. While some roadways come equipped with specific bicycle lanes, many do not which means you are sharing the road with fast-moving cars and trucks. This also means you are in the direct line of fire for negligent and reckless drivers. Unlike other cars on the road, you do not have the protection of a vehicle. Although you may be wearing a helmet, this is often not enough to protect you from serious injury. Some of the common accidents involving a cyclist include:

  • Motor vehicle drivers ignoring the cyclist or cutting them off;
  • Motor vehicle drivers failure to see the cyclist when changing lanes, entering a parking spot or backing out;
  • Motor vehicle drivers speeding, drinking while driving or driving while distracted; and
  • Motor vehicle drivers failure to yield to cyclists coming out of intersection

Receiving Financial Compensation

Under Minnesota law if you are involved in a bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle you likely are entitled to automobile insurance No-Fault benefits. No-Fault benefits may include accident-related medical treatment, accident-related wage loss, replacement services and loss of primary homemaker benefits. More information on possible bicycle accident benefits are available here.

Additionally, provided you are not more at fault than the other driver, you may have a claim for bodily injury damages, including pain and suffering, additional wage loss, loss of earning capacity, loss of consortium, permanent impairment and other potential benefits.

Our lawyers can help you sort through the various insurance claims you may have as a result of your bicycle accident. We will help you make sense of the legal confusion and complications that come with this type of accident. We will work with your insurance provider and fight on your behalf so you can focus on a quick recovery.

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